Social networks for real estate: YouTube

Social networks for real estate: YouTube

YouTube has become one of the most important social networks, since the possibility of incorporating promotional videos is unlimited and it is also a trend that more and more professionals are turning to.

The real estate sector should not stay behind. Having your own Youtube channel opens infinite possibilities when it comes to promoting different products and having a more direct contact with the customer. Indeed, it is not the same to observe a photograph as to watch a video or an advertisement with all the advantages offered by the moving image and sound.

How to create a channel on YouTube?

Creating a channel on the platform is not complicated, It also offers a very intuitive design for users. These are the basic steps.


The most recommended is to do it through a Gmail email.



It is necessary to find the right keywords to obtain a better positioning and that the name is associated with the company right away.


Through the methods offered by the platform: insert the banner, customize the colors, have a good profile image, etc. We must also find a suitable name for the channel and we must emphasize its description.

I already have my YouTube channel, now what?

Once the basic aspects of the channel have been completed, it is time to upload the first video. An idea or advice is that this video is a trailer or ad, of the company itself in this case, to present it to users or customers.

Here we can see an example of a promotional video of a real estate agency:

Uploading a video is not complex either. In the video menu you can also optimize its description, categorize it in a sector and enter keywords . You should look for a good title for the video.

What content to publish?

As in other social networks, the content must be varied. They can be:

  • Videos of Real Estate : With small descriptive messages of features, better 360 ° , that rotations of images or videos moving around the house. They can also be videos made from photographs of the property.
  • Promotional : Professional image, clear service message, quiet voice, participation of clients (fair ... etc).
  • News of interest .

Characteristics of the videos.

  • Videos, clear, without backlight, with good sound, without movements or oscillations.
  • No more than 5 minutes. No interesting and strategic neutral fund: Based on our objective, if it is to consolidate a brand, a specific service or property ...
  • Professionals but not so much: Closeness is rewarded in the videos , professional videos are not necessary; but with a minimum of visual quality, which can be achieved with a mobile phone of high average quality.
  • Label and categorize: Put descriptions and quality labels based on the video and the key words we seek to enhance, for example "Great 3 bedroom apartment, in the San Martin area of ​​ Benidor , 500 meters from the beach"

Below is an example of a 360º video.

Let's look at the title of the video: Attic in Alcaidesa, CádizPeace and total tranquility. MIRALO HERE: (Link to the property file). "

It is a clear message, with the main features of the property and the most striking. At the end it includes a link to the property file . It is very important that the properties we publish are related to the online listing of the property, of our website, which allows a possible interested to contact us.

Do not forget never

Promote the video.

With campaigns by email and by the different social networks.

Allow comments on the video.

And thanks congratulations and refuses the criticism.

Incorporate the YouTube channel to the company's website.

As well as making it known on social networks, include it in the signature of the emails together with the other networks ...

And of course, it is very important to keep it updated , it is say, upload videos with certain frequency.

In short, an updated Youtube channel with a minimum of quality can become a great tool for any real estate company. By working on it with hope and optimism, great results can be obtained. In addition, currently speaks of a concept entitled The Real Estate Video Marketing, associated with YouTube, aimed at producing successful videos.