The Euribor closes 2017 with a new historical minimum

The Euribor closes 2017 with a new historical minimum

As we have already commented in previous news, the year 2016 stood out as the period in which the 12-month Euribor entered negative territory , so fixed-rate mortgages began to take center stage.

This negative trend continued and we saw how in 2017 the Euribor reached historical lows . In September it reached -0.168%, and in October it dropped to -0.18%, marking a journey of more than 20 consecutive months with a negative figure.

Well, as expected, > the Euribor closed 2017 with another historical low , arriving in the month of December at -0.19%. This figure means that mortgages of 120,000 euros to 20 years with a differential of Euribor to + 1% that are revised, will have a reduction of about 70 euros in their annual fee, ie almost 9 euros per month.

The experts do not expect major changes in this downward trend for 2018 and everything points to the fact that the biggest beneficiaries in this economic context will continue to be the borrowers.


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